Kids room DIY

A flying Peter Pan trapped in my son's wall
A flying Peter Pan trapped in my son’s wall

When I was a kid I always wanted to have a room of my own. As we lived in a family home together with 30 other people, having a room to oneself was a dream. However like every mother on earth as a mother now, I have decorated my son’s room with the same enthusiasm and amazement, I had when I was young.

Car themed curtains done by Ethnica
Car themed curtains done by Ethnica, look at the little figures on the top of the reading table.

He loves cars. Any car, big and small, red or blue, Ferrari or Lamborghini, is his subject. He loves Peter Pan, Toy story and so many other beautiful things. I am living another childhood through his eyes. I have made a wall in Peter Pan theme. I have cut colored papers in shapes of sky, stars, Peter Pan and Tinker bell and pasted on the wall. I also ordered curtain from Ethnica a local home accessories store. I wanted a car themed curtain, blue base and applique work. So, they gave me something exactly what I asked for only a thousand times better than I imagined.

Hence the room is blue dominant and filled with cars, books, musical instruments. My son loves his room. He thinks he is one lucky chap to have Peter Pan flying in his room and never left. The wall took two days to finish. The hardest part was to paste it on the wall. Cutting the stars and the Peter Pan silhouette was also pretty tough but I have a good team, I managed it with two young girls who are into such crafts and also my driver to pasted them for me. I am very proud of this Peter Pan wall. This is my childhood re-visited.