Baker bloggers I love

[ Baker bloggers I love ]

Few weeks back I posted a blog on my favourite lifestyle bloggers. This time I have my favourite baker bloggers list for you. These are the people who inspire me to quit my job, get into the kitchen and bake. They are talented, supportive and most of all inspiring. I know for sure, in about few years we will have a handful of baker bloggers in Bangladesh too, till then here is a list of bloggers from around the world who are inspiring thousands of people like me to whip up a cake.

Yolanda Gampp:

How to cake it [ Baker bloggers I love ]
How to cake it
“How to cake it” is one of the most popular caking blog right now. Every Tuesday night, my son and I sit together to watch the weekly video of Yolanda Gampp, the lady behind the blog. Her interactive, funny and lively presentation makes her videos worth waiting for. She started with an excellent guide to buy youtube views and after that, thanks to this strategy and very quality content, her popularity literally exploded!

I have learnt so many things from her blogs that I can easily call her my mentor. She is a perfectionist and love rulers. From a watermelon to lunch box, to Poutine cake to anything in this world looks as real as it can get by her magical touch. Creative and skillful Yolanda is topping my list of favourite online baker bloggers.

Cupcake Jemma:

Cupcake Jemma [ Baker bloggers I love ]
Cupcake Jemma
I aspire to have my own cake shop like her in few years. Her shop, kitchen even the back office is stunning. Tattoed badass baker Jemma Wilson has perfect recipes for cupcakes, brownies and other desserts. Like Yolanda, Jemma too releases a video every thursday. Her tutorials are real recipes. I love her red velvet cup cake and that is a sure success everytime I make it. Jemma is vibrant, bright and very sporty in her presentation. You will definetely love her blog, recipes and most of all her videos.

Joy of baking:

Joy of baking [ Baker bloggers I love ]
Joy of baking
To me I think Joy of baking is like internet baking bible. Stephanie Jaworski gives indepth demonstration of recipes and her measurements are just perfect. If you are ever confused about any recipe, go through her blog and video and follow her, you will be just perfect. She also has her own video channel, visit our website for new episode out every thursday, I watch it every friday night as a part of my weekly retual. Her blog or webpage isn’t that fancy or decorative yet it is very resourceful.

Joy the baker:

Joy the Baker [ Baker bloggers I love ]
Joy the Baker
Joy Wilson is the owner and author of the blog. She is perhaps one of the first bloggers I started to follow. I follow her for more than 4/5 years now. She is like many of us a self taught baker, now a professional baker and author of cook books. Her blog has a wide range of recipes and not only baking. from breakfast to dinner, salad to spaghetti, cakes and cookies she has it all. She doesn’t have a recipe channel but all the recipes are nicely written on her blog.

Call me cupcake:

Call me cupcake [ Baker bloggers I love ]
Call me cupcake
Linda Lomelino, lives in South of Sweden. She is not only a great baker and blogger but she is a great photographer too. Her instagram posts are my soul food. I love her work so much that in my pass time, I just browse through her work and relax with a cup of tea. She is very talented and has a story similar to me. She started all these without any purpose later everything worked out great for her.

[ Baker bloggers I love ]