Goodbye Two Thousand Sixteen

[ Goodbye Two Thousand Sixteen]

The year will end in just two days. This was a hectic year, sad in many occasions as well. However, it also had happy and fun moments. At the end of the year, it is time for reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation. After a fun filled busy December, I need sometime with my family in a quiet atmosphere. Time for looking back at the year, at the high moments and the low moments. It is a good time to make a plan for the next year.

Grand high tea [ Goodbye Two Thousand Sixteen]
Grand high tea
So many things have changed this year, and it changed me a little too. There have been silent resolutions, promises, as well as failure and mistakes. I have made a ritual to have a grand Christmas Party with friends, celebrate Thanks giving with the entire family as this is my parent’s anniversary as well. I tried to celebrate the special people in my life in my own way. Made lots and lots of cakes. I have made it a point to celebrate few days in a year, every year and these are my personal rituals.

Magical  [ Goodbye Two Thousand Sixteen]
The cousin group tour to Sylhet was the happiest days in 2016. On the other hand, Arshan’s school shifting was most tedious and nerve wrecking experience of the year. Death of few loved ones, favourite celebrities were heart breaking. However in the end all ended in peace and fulfillment. It is time to say goodbye to 2016. Happy new year to all and hope the new year brings peace and happiness to our planet.

Christmas lights [ Goodbye Two Thousand Sixteen]
Christmas lights

[ Goodbye Two Thousand Sixteen]