Crispy Fried Okra

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When I started this blog I wanted to post at least once a week, however now it seems it takes …

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I met her few years back at a round table discussion. With bright big eyes and sharp features a young women wearing unique kind of jewelry could attract anyone with her presence. Later through her work I got to know Shaily more. Tahmina Khan Shaily, is a creative entrepreneur owning ‘Shoilee’ an online life style shop. Coming from a cultural family, her knack for creation and innovation was always appreciated.

Beads earrings
Beads earrings

2006, she began to design jewelry, outfits and accessories for herself. This inevitably led her to create women accessories and clothes for her friends, family and suddenly she was in the business! Her jewelry design has been inspired by traditional designs, ethnic culture, tribal art, retro and contemporary style. From the paintings of Picasso to poetries of Tagore to our very own famed designer Bibi Russel, many has inspired her to design to portray the perfect synchronization of beauty and style which are the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive.

From clothing to jewelry, men's wear and creative accessories Shaily has wide range of products.
From clothing to jewelry, men’s wear and creative accessories Shaily has wide range of products.

Being a passionate jewelry designer, she has introduced Shoilee, an online store of beautiful jewelry collections of ethnic and tribal styled necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, waist accessories, dresses, apparels, etc. The striking raw materials of these jewelries are imported from China, Bhutan, Nepal and different parts of the world but the designs also include local beads.

Wearing her own creation..
Wearing her own creation..

She has taken part in many fairs and recently won the Best Handicraft Stall at Bailey road from the fair organized by Army Officers Club in October 2014.

Vibrant designs
Vibrant designs

She has been in the steering committee for upcoming fair “Uddyog” organized at The Westin where she will showcase her spring-summer series called ‘Spondon’ which concentrates on colours which are basic, cuts which are trendy and designs inspired from nature. Spondon invigorates trends which are rare in Bangladesh; jewelry subtly showing how we can replace conventional gold, silver and pearl and embrace this unconventional yet elegant jewelry in our daily life.

Shoilee operates through her exclusive online store

Tahmina Shaily
Tahmina Shaily

Photo: Shoilee

Original Cheese Cake

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I have a gift for you all, today in my page I shall share a great recipe. There is a …

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A make-believe lawn

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477311_10150959825046201_325141219_oThere are times when something small and otherwise unnoticeable makes your day. This was one of those mornings for me. After waking up, I opened the door to the balcony and was overwhelmed by this heavenly perfume. My heart skipped a beat — beautiful, pearly white gondhoraj in full bloom. Oh My God! After much perseverance, effort, and praying from my end, they finally decided to show up. I felt like looking at the flowers all day.
A significant part of my time has been invested in the garden I have tried to create at my balcony. I grow a few kitchen herbs, decorative plants and white flowers that can grow in limited space, with minimum direct sunlight and air. I also have a pot of grass; I call it my make-believe lawn.
In a city like Dhaka where life is anything but “fresh”, this is a little piece of heaven I possess. In the beginning when I started gardening, I could never keep the greens look, well, quite as green as I wanted. Slowly, with time I started to understand them — when should I water more, if I should move the tubs and so on. It comes naturally to you, not much effort is required. However the two men at home are totally oblivious to my green thumb. I dragged both to the balcony to admire the beautiful vision. Both said “Oh…flowers.” “Oh…flowers”? And that’s all the enthusiasm I heard for the remarkable sight and smell.
I asked myself, did I start gardening for them, or for anyone else? Do I want applause for my accomplishments, or is it for myself only? I came to the conclusion that I did this entirely for myself. Because it makes me happy; makes my balcony smell heavenly; gives me a reason to smile, a reason to wake up early in the morning, go to my make-believe lawn and feel like I’m walking barefoot on a green carpet of grass.

A make-believe lawnVery recently I started doing yoga at the balcony. But then I figured I have turned into a local entertainer, and decided to take my act indoor. Early in the morning, five to ten minutes of absolute silence at the green balcony gives me a certain kind of bliss that replenishes my energy.
These are feelings you need to feel, need to have inside. Maybe everyone at home will not understand the importance of that particular white flower, but as long as it makes you happy, stimulates your mind, and gives you a positive feeling — by all means, cherish it.

balconyঢাকার ফ্ল্যাট বাড়ির কোনায় পড়ে থাকা বারান্দাই আমার শেষ ভরসা। তাই সেখানে টবে টবে গাছ লাগিয়েছি। পাশের বিশাল বিল্ডিং ভেদ করে সকালে কিছু রোদ পাই, কিন্তু তা দিয়ে ফুল ফোটানো, ছেলেদের পেটে বাচ্চা হবার মতই অসম্ভব। তারপরও আমার মালির ভিটামিন আর ওষুধের জন্য কখনও শখনও দুই একটা ফুল ফোটে বৈকি।  কখনও টগর, বেলি, জবা, কামিনী, গন্ধরাজ, বাগানবিলাস, লিলি ইত্যাদি। আবার মাঝে মাঝে তুলসি, লেবু আর দুই একটা ঔষধি গাছের পাতা ছিড়ে ভণ্ড কবিরাজি করি। আর আছে এক টবে ঘাস। জবা কামিনির মতই আমার প্রিয়, সবুজ চিকন পাতার ঘাস। ঘাসের টবে হাত বুলাই আর মনে মনে ভাবি, এই বুঝি আমার সাধের বাগান, আমি হাঁটছি, নরম ঘাসে পা রাখছি, মনের লন আমার।

corrianderএকটা ছোট টবে এক টুকরা ঘাসের প্রতি আমার আহ্লাদ দেখলে আমার বর হাসে। আমি যখন বেড়াতে যাই আগেই শর্ত থাকে, যেন কোন ইকো রিসোর্টে না যাই। গ্রামে বড় হওয়া বরের ইকোকে এডভেঞ্চার মনে হয় না, যন্ত্রণা মনে হয়। ও বুঝে না, ছোট বেলায় গ্রাম না দেখার লোভ আমার আজও যায়নি। ও বুঝে না, সত্যি আমি চাই গ্রামে থাকতে। তবে আজকের জামানায় গ্রামে থাকতে সাহস লাগে। ছেলে সানবিমস-এ না পড়লে যেহেতু পাড়ায় আমার মান থাকে না, তাই অগত্যা কোনার বারান্দার এক টুকরা ঘাসই সই।