Dry flowers

[ Dry flowers ]

If I could I would decorate my home with fresh flowers everyday. The fragrance, the freshness and the colours of a fresh flower is a source of instant happiness around the house. Unfortunately in my everyday commute, I don’t have any flower shop, I have to go out of my way to get some fresh flowers. It is quite troublesome to get flowers frequently. So I decided to dry the roses I flaunted few days back. I loved them so much that I wanted to keep them for the longest time.

hanging roses getting dried...  [ Dry flowers ]
hanging roses getting dried…
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A dry rose… nothing less than a fresh one…

I have always admired dry flowers. They have a certain kind of beauty too. And I also like how they change their colour and turn into a pale and fragile being from a bright beauty. Making dry flowers is very easy. It is a fun DIY as well. You need to tie the stems and hang the flowers facing the floor. If you want to keep the colour intact, keep it in a dark place, but if you dry it in the sun, the colour will change. You can also just keep the flowers on a bowl or plate and let it sit for days till it dries completely. These are very healthy ways to dry flowers. There are also various methods that use chemicals and medicines but for home use and simple DIY, I would go for the natural way.

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Dry Jasmin with fresh roses

I dry flowers by putting them inside diaries or poetry books too. I have always seen my youngest aunt keeping roses inside books. After long years when you suddenly see one, it gives such a lovely throwback to the yesterdays..

[ Dry flowers ]